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Disclaimer for Booki Naija

Incase if you have any question or want more details concerning our site’s disclaimer, don’t bother yourself to easily contact us directly using the contact button and the end.

Disclaimers for Booki Naija

Concerning the information’s published on bookinaija, they are particular source and published for good and reliable sources for the sake of general use.

BookiNaija is averagely assure of the persistency, accuracy and reliable of those information.

Whatever you decided to use the information’s for, Bookinaija, are strictly on your own. Bookinaija wouldn’t and can’t in responsibility of any outcome in connection of using our site.

As it may be, through our site published contents, you can load on another site by the use of hyperlinks.

While we may inter link our contents with other external sites for quality result, we want to let you note that we can’t control the user experience or nature of those sites.

Those links doesn’t describe or prove anything on ours.

The site managements may decide to update/change at any time without Bookinaija’s notice and it may happen before we notice talkless of us to remove it quickly or not.

And as we stated earlier, if there is something you want to notify us on, feel free to contact us through the contact form below.

Any external link hyperlinked may turns to broken or unreachable link at anytime, so please do a favor by reporting that to us.

Also, beware of how other external links operate or handle it activities, they might have different polices with ours.

So we urge you to please don’t feel anxiety to check whatever external link Privacy And Policy before deciding on any transaction with them.

DISCLAIMER! By agreeing to use our site, you have assured your mind to agree and abide our disclaimer.

Please always check up here for our DISCLAIMER, we may update it anything.

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