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Booki Naija is an education blog which is developed and powered by a Nigerian for Nigerian Students purposes. It is developed in order to keep Nigerian Students update of Latest Education News, School Admissions, Scholarships, JAMB, WAEC, NECO, NABTED, NBAIS and many more school updates.

Satisfaction, obedient and providing the needful are our aim. We are always available to provide you with the latest of what you need. Booki Naija promises you to honour your needs in an integrity means i.e. providing an accurate, adequate and truthful information concerning Nigeria Education.


It may look some how to you when I tell you that all the effort and courage toward Booki Naija’s contents are research, made, edit and published by a team of one. In general, I mean that I am the Oga kpata-kpata for now at Booki Naija.

However, this is notifying you that I will be the only one person to handle Booki Naija for now as I am currently looking forward to expand the team. I will surely work-hard as times goes on by God Grace.

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What next again? Would you really rather consider knowing me?

Mubarak Bashir (MUBEE)

234 903 439 4409 20210213 145321

And that is the whole me, yes confirmed. I am the one above there, as some Nigerians may have heard my name, nickname or knows me by face.

Mubarak Bashir is a blogger and a content writer at Opera News Hub, Nigeria. I am widely know as MUBEE because I direly use Mubarak (my first-name) or Bashir (my surname) at most places I goes around Nigeria and the world at large.

MUBEE is a young talented rising Nigerian who always has the zeal of writing contents and blogging. Writing have always being my passion which most of friends (both online and offline) knows already. 

That’s why I decide to developed Booki Naija in order to explore my hardworking, talent and also passion toward writing. I always keep my self busy with phones and laptop so as to provide the needful on Booki Naija.

Providing the needful to people is what really matter among my lives agender. Helping people to get what they want most especially Nigerians is first of all in my life.


I always think and keep my self busy in developing useful ideas and skills. I MUBEE has learnt a lot of things since when I turned to 15years-old around 2019. Below are all that I can competently do for now.

• Café 

• Article writing

• Creative writing

• Opinion Writing

• Social Media activities

•Thinking and point-out of ideas

• Playing games

• Eating on time

• Playing lols with girls.

• Chatting and viewing of status on all social media’s.

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Do you have anything for me? Any advice or suggestion concerning our fast-rising Nigeria Education blog, Booki Naija? 

Feel free to drop a message either one the following;

WhatsApp: +2349034394409

Facebook: Click here or follow this link

Gmail: [email protected]

At least, that is all for now. I deed really appreciate your effort for visiting our site. Thank you, see you next time.

Satisfaction is our aim!

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