Why Should A Teacher Demonstrate An Activity In Class

Teaching is the most complicated things one may have experienced without knowing. While teaching, one must be fully responsive of his class, if not the students might end up not understanding or grabbing anything.

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For a teacher to be successful in delivering his service, he must be active and well captive of the class.

And how can he be active to successfully deliver his service (teaching)? Yes, activeness contain various things which include demonstrating, usual assignment, questioning the students and other things.

Demonstrating: A teacher must be demonstrating whatever he/she is teaching so that the students would be able to understand well.

Students are the main concern in a whole school, they must be teach well to achieve the goal of schooling.

Question: A teacher must ask his/her students to know whether they understand or not.

Usual Assignment: A teacher must always give his/her student assignment so that they would practice what is taught at home and that would also help them to improve more.

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