Top 5 Rappers From Northern Nigeria At The Moment [UPDATED]

Northern Nigeria Music Industry has been sparkling up with many incredibly talented artists (rappers) from different parts of the Northern States.

Countless kind of rappers from Northern Nigeria have been showing up their talents, effort, and progress toward the Music Industry. However, the industry keeps shaking since there are no more standard labels and sponsors.

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Northern Nigeria is blessed with different kinds of rappers (artists) who have shown up their talents in many events, occasions, and organized shows.

However, today we will review the Top Northern Nigeria Rappers (artists) who have genuinely grown up beyond fans’ expectations and have shown the whole Nigerians entirely their talents.

Top Northern Nigeria hausa Rappers

BookiNaija will review the said Top Northern Nigeria Rappers (artists) based on some metrics that qualified a rapper as the top among the others.

The metrics which we will use to review the Top Northern Nigeria Rappers are as follows:

  • Talent
  • Strong Fan-base
  • Humanity (way of interfering with Fans)
  • Social Media Followers

The above metrics are the foremost thing that BookiNaija will use to figure out the Top Northern Nigeria Rappers.

We will like to discuss and break down the metrics before concluding our reviews. The breakdown would help judge and find out the Top Northern Nigeria Rappers without backing any side.

  • Talent

Talent is the first among the metrics of reviewing any term of figuring out the top rappers. And if we are talking of talent, it is the act of doing things naturally.

It is a process whereby a human being posses or does things naturally in a significant way. Thousands of Nigerians are talented because they can do whatever naturally without learning that thing.

  • Strong Fans-base

A solid fan base means how active and admire one fan is. Every artist has his own lucky fans base, which some are higher and than others.

  • Humanity (way of interfering with Fans)

Human beings entirely have their kind of way of reacting or living with one another. Some human being takes life easy, some medium and the rest get it harder.

And these are among what clarifies what a particular number of artists may be.

  • Social Media Followers

Social media page or account followers of a particular rapper (artists) determine the level/class of him/her also. As we may have come across this before, most of the top artists from the whole world have more followers, which are most active.

Top Northern Nigeria Rappers (Artists)

Base on the above breakdown metrics, BookiNaija would further list the top northern Nigeria rappers.

Top Northern Nigeria hausa Rappers

The top northern Nigeria rappers would be listed base on the current review, and it may vary in the future as time goes on.

Below are the Bop Northern Nigeria Rappers;


Abdullahi Haruna, who is widely known as DJ AB, is a Northern Nigeria base resident who has been unveiling his talent toward the music industry of the particular region.

DJ AB is among the most talented rappers (artists) who were raised in North-West Nigeria. He has been releasing some extent unbeatable bangers for his fans across the country.

He started his music career around 2010, where he releases some noticeable hits, although they are now classified as trash compare to now since he has grown more prominent than before.

His career startup is a very inspirational story because he started in a family studio (YNS) without knowing he might be the best among Northern Nigeria, not even the family only.

DJ AB has grown beyond Northern Nigerians expectations since his collaborations with talented and well-known foreign (non Nigerians) artists, like Yung6ix, NT4.

Despite being recognized as a local list, he was still able to win the battle race collaboration he made with the foreign artists.

He has released some bangers of him and collaboration. This include Super Lotto, She Is Mine, Daban Ne, YNS 2019 Cypher, Callabash, Sallameni, The Four House Men, Anzo Wejen, Soyaya, Totally, Dai Dai, Dallah Dallah, Kin San Ni, Yi Rawa, Da So Samune, Ameen, Kumatu, and many more.

And currently, DJ AB has the highest strong fan base across the Northern region.

His social media accounts, both Facebook And Instagram, are verified by the social management company here in Nigeria.

Classiq (Arewa Maf!a)

Classiq who is also recognized as Arewa Maf!a, is a born raised in North-Central Nigeria.

Classiq has been slightly down in the Northern Nigeria music industry, but his bangers and talents keep defending him up to date.

His famousness and talents toward his released bangers make him one of the top Northern Nigeria Rappers.

Classiq has released some hits since his debut, although they are basically Hausa Traditional bangers. He is the founder and CEO of among the best labels in Northern Nigeria, Arewa Maf!a.

The Arewa Mad!a Boss has a medium fans base consideration because he releases hit once a while which has turned his fans to low key in activeness terms.

Among his release bangers include, I Love You, Gudu, Culture (Gargajiya), Free (From You), Juya, Manager, Zauna, Sharp Sharp, Antashi, Binta, Sai Godiya, Ana Haka, Wonder Me, Bad Man (Karya Suke) and many more.

He was once seen in a remix video of the popular Nigerian rapper, Phyno. The video is titled as Vector – ‘King Kong’ (remix) ft Phyno, Reminisce, Classiq, Uzi

Classiq interaction act with Northern Nigeria upcoming artists is a relatively high-level classic. He is such an artist with fame and pride, and his stage name (Classiq) really works along his attitude.


The lyrical stage name goes by Morell is a Northern-base fast rising artist who once collaborated with the most top Nigeria Rapper, Olamide.

Musa Akila who is stagily recognized and know as Morell have being contributing to the Northern Nigeria Music Industry.

Morell has started since a while as he was luckily to have record a hit with the famous Nigeria Rapper, Olamide.

The banger gone a wide through space, he get some recognitions from the Top Nigeria Musician.

Morell keep the hope alive with his tracks which are released to time to time without much spaces.

He has being sparkling since a while, although his talent toward the industry are classified as medium compare to the other Top Northern Nigeria Rappers.

Morell has releases some hits which among are Musa Jikan Musa (ALBUM), 0411, Laila, Everywhere I Go, Kallo, The One, Arewa, Inges, Mu Made, Ango, Sarauniya, An Kawo Wuta (Remix), An Kawo Wuta, Safai, Aure and some others.

BOC Madaki

The most typical Hausa Traditional rapper who is know for his debut album, Gayu is one among top Northern Nigeria Rappers (artists).

BOC is the only artist with the most highest number of released tracks in Northern Nigeria Music Industry.

The music industry and some residents around the north usually downgrades and classify him as low level rapper (artist).

But actually he is not, this happens because the said artist, BOC normally rap in his mother tongue, Hausa and he is excellently expert in that terms more than anyone among the artists.

His way of humanity response and interfere with his fans is quite amazing. BOC is the most simple artist who interacts and deal with Northern Nigeria residents, perhaps the upcoming artist without any much probation.

BOC released tracks include, Wasika Zuwa Sama, Material, Home Coming, Sir Abubakar, Dan Gaye, Sabada, Knock Knock, Really Real, Do That, Big Brother, Mama Skit, Himma and many countless tracks.


The last but not the least among the top Northern Nigeria Rappers (artists). Kheengz is not downgraded neither democratize but is classified base on the said metrics.

Kheengz who is know by his birth name as King Bawa, is also born in North- Celtral Nigeria, Niger State.

He has been playing his role to maintain his capacity and famousness toward the Northern Nigeria Industry.

Kheengz is recognize with his titiled as VOA (Voice of Arewa), which means he declared himself as the vocalize/pioneer of Northern Nigeria.

He is so special being as he live his life without being into competition, crisis or tampering with one another.

The self proclaimed rapper is said to have released a lot of hits since when he started his career. Among the hits are Kai, Sumbuka, Mungane, Alhamdulillah, Karara, Amariya, Rashi, Jani In Jaka, Toy Story, How, Feeling, Home Alone and many other tracks.

The Northern Nigeria Music industry is growing and enlarging day by day, bit a little as some talenteds artist are rising which might even blown away the current top raplers in the future.

Because their talent, effort and hardworking toward the musical industry is quite alarming. They are young with big men’s ambition.

This is the set of northern rising artists include;

  • Deezell (Fast rising artist)
  • LsVee
  • Teeswagg
  • Zayn Africa
  • Lil Prince
  • Feezy
  • Geeboy

Note, please if you are an upcoming artist and you feel that your name need to be inputted among the top rising artist, either because of your talents or something related to that.

Or you another suggestion base on the Top Northern Nigeria Rappers (artists) review, don’t hesitate to use the below form.

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